Diagnostic Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Hospital Gardens: Recent Research - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)

Date: May 30, 2019

Time: 02:00PM - 03:00PM

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Diagnostic post-occupancy evaluation (DPOE) is the most comprehensive strategy that evaluates the utilization of a space as compared to the original design goals and how they were translated into physical form. This presentation will introduce the scientific procedures, methodology, and application of DPOE strategy in evaluating hospital gardens’ environmental, social, and economic performances. Hospital garden spaces at two general acute care hospitals and one outpatient clinic were evaluated regarding the environmental aspects of the landscape performances, including stormwater management and tree benefits. For the social aspects, mixed methods were adopted to evaluate the levels of restorativeness for various garden areas using the Garden Assessment Tool for Evaluators (GATE) and behavior mapping techniques. Focus groups were also conducted at each hospital to further explore users’ behaviors, preferences, and satisfaction about the design of the gardens. This presentation will also discuss the spatial relationship between hospital buildings and gardens, and design features that could attract the most usage through cross-case analysis and comparisons.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the definition and meaning of diagnostic post-occupancy evaluation as a comprehensive evaluation strategy in hospital garden evaluations.
  • Learn to apply various evaluation instruments such as EPA and USDA’s toolkits, as well as the Garden Assessment Tool for Evaluators (GATE) audit tool, to evaluate hospital gardens’ environmental and social performances.
  • Understand that the location of a garden(s) on a medical campus and its spatial relationship to hospital buildings impact people’s behaviors and the usage of the interior and exterior public spaces.
  • Learn instrumental design suggestions that maximize the environmental, social, and economic benefits of healing gardens in hospital environments.

Hosted by the ASLA Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Professional Practice Network (PPN)

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  • Naomi A. Sachs, PhD, ASLA, EDAC, Co-Editor, Health Environments Research & Design, Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University Department of Design and Environmental Analysis
  • Shan Jiang, PhD, MLA, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Program Coordinator, Human and Community Development Program, School of Design and Community Development, West Virginia University
  • Kirsten Staloch, AIA Associate, LEED Green Associate, EDAC, Associate, HGA Architects & Engineers

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Image credit: Virtua Voorhees Hospital, Voorhees, NJ / © Halkin Architectural Photography LLC

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