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How many tabs do you have open just for communication? The options are seemingly endless: email, Slack, WhatsApp, texting, Zoom, phone calls, and more! We’ll give you step-by-step advice on how to streamline your various virtual communication channels to work more effectively with your team and clients.


So many apps, so little time. This session is all about which apps that can help you in big ways. Now more than ever you need to rely on apps and solutions that will transform the way you work, juggling family and tasks, and managing your time and mental space.


How many emails do you get in one day? 100? 500? Don’t let your email manage you. Learn how you can organize your inbox, set rules, and manage your inbox in a way that allows for effective time management even when addressing your hundreds of emails.


1.00 PDH, LA CES/non-HSW

Effective project management planning helps not only your projects succeed, but your business too. In this session, you'll learn the core project management plan components to guide you through your project from beginning to end - from the initial major elements and concepts of a plan to how to use those to further develop and administer a plan that meets your client's needs.

  • Explain the importance of a project management plan.
  • Understand the three components needed to begin a project management plan.
  • Identify what resources are available to inform project scope.
  • Identify several frameworks for organizing scope.

1.00 PDH, LA CES/non-HSW

This session outlines methods for developing a design fee and how to ensure you are sticking to that budget. It is imperative that you have all the necessary information before you agree to a fee and schedule. This session will highlight questions to ask while developing a project scope and internal schedule.

  • Explore guiding questions to help scope a project and prepare an internal schedule.
  • Discover methods of developing internal milestones and ensuring the team meets them.
  • Gain a greater understanding of tracking project spending and forecasting project cost at completion.
  • Develop an internal schedule that reflects client expectations, necessary coordination and internal processes.

1.00 PDH, LA CES/non-HSW

Communication in professional practice requires strategies for one's own internal team and external project partners such as clients, contractors, and consultants. Explore a diverse collection of strategies for clear and effective communication from a founding principal and director of marketing & public art of a landscape architecture firm.

  • Identify workflows that promote clear and efficient project communication.
  • Learn strategies for driving the design team and client representatives towards common goals.
  • Learn how to leverage project communications towards the development of long term relationships.
  • Develop project communication pathways that double as opportunities for mentorship and professional growth within the design team.