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Inside the LA Studio with DAVID RUBIN Land Collective

Jan 18, 2019 4:29pm ‐ Jan 18, 2019 4:29pm

Credits: None available.


DAVID RUBIN Land Collective began with a simple mission and big ambitions: to positively inform the world and improve the human condition through landscape. Established by David A. Rubin in 2012, the Philadelphia studio practices "empathy-driven" design and crafts socially-purposeful landscapes that create positive change through cross-disciplinary collaborations and the synthesis of art, technology and the social sciences.

  • Explore how a young, start-up studio quickly grew to inform landscapes of significance across the country.
  • Understand how Land Collective’s empathy-driven approach creates timeless spaces that invite all to participate.
  • Learn how the studio takes on the challenges and goals of clients and constituents while impressing upon the landscape the studio’s characteristically inclusive designs.
  • Find out how the studio’s humanist approach allows it to cross typologies to create a broad portfolio of recognized work.


Credits: None available.

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