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The Evolution of the Front Yard: From Display Garden to Multiuse Space - 1.25 PDH (LA CES/HSW)

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The suburban front yard, dominated by lawn, has long functioned as a passage from house to street and tidy foreground to the home. This session explores recent trends toward other uses of the front yard: for socializing, recreation, and cultivation, functions historically kept in the backyard.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Review the history of suburban residential front yard design, explore recent design trends, and learn what is driving those trends.
  • Learn ways that homeowners are using small properties to the maximum potential.
  • Learn how community governing boards (i.e., HOAs and municipal codes) are reacting to homeowners desires to change their front yards.
  • See how these boards are changing their design guidelines to adapt to the homeowners’ requests.



  • 1.25 - PDH

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2/18/21 1:40 pm

Informative, but too regional. Would like to have seen case studies from across the U.S.

6/9/22 5:37 am

I just have a comment If we look at the whole difference between the laws and the notion of confirmity in the US and Canada as it was mentioned at least the part of Nova Scotia.... and by understanding the status fo every state here in the US ... at least we can make a small progress by making these restrains and laws based on goals not on an exact number of trees, shrubs....specific types....etc. Another point is if the process is to long we can instead make it shorter for those who have creative solutions that fit the both sides; the client expectation and the goals of the local goals(instead of the restrict ones of the state) The third one is ...to be more realistic about point 2 .. not everyone will be able to afford such a high end or creative landscape architect to come up with these creative solutions ....but instead we can invent some rules that make the period of process more faster if the client and his/her family or whoever study a small course about how their supposed landscape' effects are gonna be... and how to maintain that landscape properly... by that the most effective takeaway is gonna be a new generation who knows more about our discipline and how to connect that to the satisfaction of habitants without destruct our environment and nature...and even may be further than that... to help the nature be better of. ....who knows.... thanks,