Denise_Hoffman Brandt

Denise Hoffman Brandt ASLA

Principal of Hoffman Brandt Projects, LLC

Denise Hoffman Brandt, RLA is Director of the Graduate Landscape Architecture Program at the City College of New York and Principal of Hoffman Brandt Projects, LLC. Her work explores orchestration of the inextricable web of human and environmental processes in: refugee camps (“Relief Organism” in The Right to Landscape, Ashgate Press 2011), carbon storage infrastructure (City Sink Oscar Riera Ojeda 2013), community flood recovery and adaptation (“Landlocked” in New Orleans Under Reconstruction, Verso 2014), and climate-adaptive infrastructure (“City Sink—Sinking Cities” in Now Urbanism, Routledge 2015 and Waterproofing New York, co-edited with Catherine Seavitt Nordenson Urban Research 02 2014).