Paul Kephart ASLA

Rana Creek Living Architecture

Paul has a keen ability to see the geologic, natural and cultural history embodied in a landscape, and simultaneously imagine its most vibrant future. For thirty years, Paul has given himself to observation, scientific understanding and intimate relationship with the great diversity of natural systems here on the Central Coast of California – from coastal terrace prairie to chaparral, serpentine grassland, coastal scrub, oak woodland, redwood forest, wetland, dune, and bluff. It is Paul’s deepest joy to design landscapes that integrate regionally adapted biodiversity and goal-driven ecological function into both restored wildlands and the built environment. As Principal Ecologist and Designer at Rana Creek, Paul is sought after as a pioneer and innovator of living architectural systems, a thought-leader in ecological design, and a dedicated horticulturalist. Paul has consulted on many groundbreaking and iconic projects, including large-scale living roofs at the Croton Water Treatment Plant, Vancouver Convention Center, Transbay Terminal, and California Academy of Sciences; impressive living walls at 8800 West Sunset Boulevard and Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre; site and master plans for Deacero 3M, AltaSea, JNBY Headquarters, and the island of Lanai; and the cumulative restoration of many thousands of acres of grassland, wetland and coastal landscapes in the Western U.S. Paul regularly shares his expertise and passion at public lectures and keynotes for USGBC, ASLA, and various universities.