Blake Jopling ASLA

Rana Creek Living Architecture

Blake has a gift for designing landscapes from the inside out, engineering healthy water systems as an integral component of biomimetic landscapes – whether for a residential living roof, an urban courtyard, or an agricultural region. Blake combines biological knowledge with cutting edge technological research to pioneer innovative water reuse strategies aimed to protect watershed health and conserve this precious resource, especially in arid landscapes. A native of Los Angeles, Blake has a breadth of experience working with the incredible array of biodiversity and microclimates found across the state of California. Blake himself adapts to the diverse design challenges that constantly arise at Rana Creek by providing unique, creative, beautiful, and salient solutions to residential, civic, commercial, industrial, and restoration landscapes. Blake’s favorite tools are his tractor and broadfork, as he likes to farm in his freetime. You can also find him spearfishing, backpacking, and plen-air painting.