Closing the Gender Equity Gap, Advocacy in the Workplace

Closing the Gender Equity Gap, Advocacy in the Workplace

Recorded On: 03/10/2023

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Learn how to be an advocate for yourself and for larger, impactful changes to office culture and employee benefits. Hear firsthand experiences from practitioners who are making changes in their companies through employee-driven initiatives and setting off on their own.

The ASLA Gender Equity Task Force is a recently formed leadership group addressing gender equity issues in the profession of landscape architecture. Formed in response to an ASLA member town hall, which specifically covered unique challenges facing young women in the profession, the task force is focused on making real change by creating resources and safe spaces for all genders to discuss gender equity challenges in the workplace. We will convene women, men, and all gender identities through a quarterly speaker series and to share stories, resources, and advocacy tools for any individual. Forge the career path you want and be afforded the same opportunities without gender influencing workplace decisions.

Please note: this webinar does not offer LA CES-approved professional development hours. 

Ujijji Davis


JIMA Studio

Ujijji Davis is a landscape architect who focuses on landscape and urban design, master planning and strategic implementation. Her background in urban planning is driven by authentic community engagement and research as foundational to equitable design. Her research topics include anti-displacement, vernacular landscapes, and the intersection of between culture and place in cities. In 2019, she won the ASLA Bradford Williams Medal for her research on the erasure on Black American urban landscapes and the responsibilities of landscape architecture for reconciliation through design. She was previously an Associate at SmithGroup in the Detroit Urban Design Studio. She’s originally from Brooklyn.

Jeanne Lukenda, ASLA

Executive Director

Resilient Great Lakes

A career-long advocate for the profession, Jeanne knows it has a very compelling narrative to celebrate and share. She has been proactive in numerous organizations and instrumental in creating new platforms, whenever needed, to give voice to landscape architecture.

Jeanne currently co-chairs the ASLA Gender Equity Task Force, and serves on the Websites Task Force (leading the redevelopment of the and and FrameWorks Task Force (working in conjunction with the President’s Council on the branding and communications of landscape architecture to the public). As a member of the ASLA Executive Committee, Jeanne recently completed her 3-year term as ASLA Vice President of Communications. Prior to that, she served two consecutive 3-year terms on the ASLA Board of Trustees for the Boston Chapter which represents Massachusetts and Maine. She has supported ASLA through her national committee work including Public Awareness, PR and Communications, Leadership Development, and LAM Editorial Advisory Committees.

Participation in the peer organization, AIA, offers her multiple venues through which to strategically promote the mission of landscape architecture and advocate for equity to the design and construction industry at large. Most recently, Jeanne served on the Foundation’s Institutional Advancement Committee, as well as the Equity Diversity Inclusion + Harassment Task Force. She was co-chair of the Women in Design Committee and co-chair of the Women Principals Group for over ten years, where she was a founding member of the AIA Women’s Leadership Summit, now an annual AIA national event.

Jeanne studied urban and regional planning and landscape architecture, and is a graduate of the University of Guelph. For over two decades she has been in private practice in Boston, and has received local, national, and international recognition for her leadership and work.

David Sanchez-Aguilera

HR Program Manager

Puzzle HR

David is a Human Resources Program Manager at PuzzleHR living in the Chicagoland area. He holds a master’s degree in Critical Race and Ethnicity studies from the University of California, San Diego and is committed to using this knowledge to make workplaces more inclusive spaces. On his downtime, David enjoys rock-climbing and listening to podcasts.  

Sami Sikanas

Landscape Architectural Designer


Sami Sikanas is a landscape architectural designer based in New York City. She currently works at MARVEL, where she designs and implements urban projects of all scales. Born and raised in rural western Michigan, Sami was imbued with an appreciation for nature. This brought her to study at the University of Michigan, where she gained her undergraduate degree in Environmental and Urban Studies. She continued her studies at UM’s School of Natural Resources for her master’s in landscape architecture. Sami has spoken at the national ASLA conference in 2019, as well as panels and events at AIA-NY, ASLA-NY, and Build Out Alliance among others.


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