Emotional Intelligence: Driving Business Success - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/non-HSW)

Recorded On: 02/14/2024

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Driving business success hinges significantly on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This foundational skillset influences various critical abilities and is the primary determinant of workplace performance. In fact, EQ is responsible for a remarkable 58% of performance across all occupations, highlighting its role as the cornerstone of leadership and personal excellence. Engage with the PuzzleHR Leadership & Development team to enhance your EQ and propel your professional success.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the 4 Components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Provide a comprehensive understanding of what EQ is and how it functions as a foundational skill set. Participants will learn about the various critical abilities influenced by EQ and its role in driving business success.
  2. Learn the Impact of EQ on Workplace Performance - Focus on highlighting the significant role EQ plays in workplace performance. Participants will delve into how EQ contributes to 58% of performance across all occupations, and why it is considered the cornerstone of leadership and personal excellence.
  3. Enhance EQ for Professional Success - Equip participants with strategies and tools to enhance their own EQ. With the help of the PuzzleHR Leadership & Development team, participants will learn how to apply EQ in their professional lives to business success.

Rebecca Burbridge

Founder and Vice President of Customer Success


Rebecca is a co-founder of Puzzle and serves as Vice President of Customer Success with over 30 years of broad experience helping businesses achieve their goals through strategic management of their human capital. She most recently served for 14 years with Paychex, Inc. in senior leadership roles within their ASO/PEO, Retirement Planning and Payroll divisions. She has a track record of demonstrated leadership through developing national award-winning teams and consultants. Rebecca brings a wealth of client-centric human capital experience across recruiting and HR Consulting, which positions Puzzle to respond to our clients’ need for strategic HR solutions.

Heidi Hernandez

Learning & Development Consultant


As a SHRM-certified professional, I possess a solid foundation of knowledge in HR (Human Resources) practices and principles. I have over 17 years of experience in Human Capital Management from account management to sales. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to train and develop individuals on my team. This ignited my passion for people development, and I have loved every minute of it!

During the earliest years of my career, I worked for the largest privately held talent management firm, The Allegis Group, to identify top-level talent. For me, this taught me the foundations of professionalism, a strong work ethic, striving for excellence, and crushing goals!

Following my time with The Allegis Group, I spent 10 years working for Paychex, one of America’s Most Admired Companies. While at Paychex, I managed overly complex client accounts within the Professional Employment (PEO) division. Looking for a new challenge within Paychex, I shifted my focus toward becoming a sales representative and succeeded admirably. Consistently ranking among the top 15% of sales reps nationwide, I gained invaluable insight into what clients prioritize and how to respond to their needs.

My background in both operations and sales has provided me with valuable insight into what clients prioritize and how to meet their needs. This has broadened my understanding of the motivations and mindsets of sales and service professionals.

In 2020, I was approached by PuzzleHR to help assist in establishing a successful client onboarding experience for our new clients. The goal was to ensure a stellar first experience with our service divisions. Shortly thereafter, I joined the Learning & Development Team. My primary goal is to build and facilitate training programs; programs that foster the development of important skills such as emotional intelligence, a growth mindset, effective leadership in times of change, the ability to set clear expectations, and professional mentoring. I take tremendous pride in providing people with the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential!

My career has been marked by excellence and drive within each role I have held.

Derek Higgs

Learning Consultant / Certified in Emotional Intelligence


Derek is a dedicated advocate for personal and professional development, bringing with him years of leadership development experience. After spending over 25 years in the corporate world, he found his calling in helping others reach their full potential and launched his own company. Derek's role extends beyond a career—it's a passion and vocation, inspired by the belief that one should love what they do. As a certified coach, trainer, and speaker, he empowers individuals to broaden their horizons and achieve their goals. Leveraging his extensive experience, Derek provides valuable insights, strategies, and tools for effective leadership. He believes the answers lie within us, aiding clients in navigating their inner selves to uncover these solutions. Encouraging a commitment to exploration and embracing change, Derek views the transformative journey as an ever-evolving process.

Jarrid Pearson

Manager of Learning and Development


I am Jarrid Pearson, an experienced leader of 19 years with a passion for people development. I have been fortunate enough to work with some great companies, like AT&T Mobility and Essilor of America, teaching and leading teams in effective ways.

During my times with Essilor of America I have had the pleasure of helping to launch new employee development programs, host and grow Mentor programs, and launch a nation-wide text messaging platform, greatly increasing customer experience while severely reducing call center wait times.

Outside of the office, I like to stay busy playing the guitar or putting my vocal skills to the test during an in-home Karaoke session. On top of that, I'm also an avid fisherman - there's something therapeutic about trying to catch the perfect catch.

Most importantly though, I'm a proud father of two boys; it brings me immense joy to watch them thrive and develop every day. It's also incredibly gratifying for me in my professional life whenever I see someone reach success with the tools I provided them- there's no better feeling!

I remind myself daily to strive for perfection and strike with precision.  Though perfection is never possible, you can always grow and get just a little better, each day, to live the journey of continuous improvement. 

If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it is to take any free time you have in the day and to go out and catch somebody doing something right.  This type of action will help drive repeated, positive behavior and will show the person that you are interacting with that you care and that what they do matters!


Recorded 02/14/2024  |  60 minutes
Recorded 02/14/2024  |  60 minutes
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1.00 PDH credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 PDH credit  |  Certificate available